About Hellenic museum of michigan


Our Vision

As part of its mission, the Museum will chronicle the struggles, triumphs and contributions of a vibrant Greek immigrant community’s journey to Michigan. Their legacy will be recorded and preserved through artifacts, oral histories, documents and photographs. This rich heritage of extraordinary Greek-Americans, will be passed on from generation to generation.

The Museum aspires to be in the truest sense of the word, a Mouseion, a house of the Muses. Like the Mouseion in ancient Alexandria, it will present and promote the many artistic and intellectual achievements of Hellenic culture in every field of human endeavor over the ages up to the present. It will provide a place and opportunity to learn about Hellenic culture through exhibits from all over the world, educational workshops, guest lectures and cultural events.


Our History

For four years, Wayne State University and a group of leaders from the Hellenic community studied the usage of vacant historic buildings in the Cultural Center of Detroit. Focus groups were held with students from the University to consider utilizing the space as a Hellenic Museum. Prior to this work, there was no formalized setting in one venue for the presentation of Hellenic Culture and its rich heritage of music, art, literature, history, philosophy and language. It was determined that the lack of programs, exhibits, and information was a void that could be filled so that current and future generations would have access to Hellenic culture. Final agreement was reached and a group of individuals led by one major benefactor provided the funds to purchase the historic building at 67 E. Kirby, the former Children’s Museum of Detroit. The dream became a reality in November, 2009. A festive grand opening was held April, 2013.


Our Mission

New Hellas Restaurant Door Carving of Evzone

New Hellas Restaurant Door Carving of Evzone

The overall mission of our Museum is to present, promote and teach about Hellenic Culture, Heritage and History. As part of its overall mission, the Museum also chronicles the struggles, accomplishments and many contributions of a vibrant Greek immigrant community’s journey to Michigan. This is done by exhibits, oral and written history programs, guest lectures and cultural events.

In fulfilling its mission, the museum informs and educates the public across seven broad periods of Greek history including: Ancient Civilizations; the Archaic Period; the Classical or Golden Age of Greece; the Hellenistic Period of Greece; Byzantium; Ottoman Oppression; Greek Independence; and, the Modern Era.

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